It almost always pays to be an early adopter. Take the case of LeadPages.

During the company’s infancy, LeadPages offered an early adopter program which allowed customers to be locked onto the LeadPages Annual Standard at $147 per year. A few years and several updates and features later, these initial customers are still paying that same amount while new customers have to pay $297. The company also had an early adopter program for its LeadPages standard where those initial customers have been locked on for a monthly fee of $17 per month while new customers have to pay $37 per month.


What’s the catch, you might ask? You’re locked into the same fee, no matter what new features or upgrades are added so long as you maintain an account. Pretty nifty, right?

LeadPages rationalizes this move as a measure expressing immense gratitude for customers who have believed in the company’s vision. Just recently, the company offered another early adopter program for the LeadPages Marketplace. What’s the LeadPages Marketplace?


LeadPages has been envisioned as The Marketplace where customers can choose and buy the best website templates from the best designers around the world. While aesthetics is a considerable factor in selecting a template, the marketplace differentiates itself by allowing customers to browse through templates based on their conversion ratings. Simply put, this eliminates the guesswork and the needless investment in time, money and effort in finding the template that works best to suit your individual needs because you’ll instantly find the templates that deliver the best results. After purchase, you can instantly download these templates and customise these for your website.


What are the benefits of the early adopter program for the marketplace? For one, you do not have to pay any additional fee to purchase additional templates available on the marketplace as long as you retain your early adopter account.

Web designers can also benefit from the program because it allows them to instantly get feedback from customers as well as use the results gleaned from the client websites as a tool to tweak their design and become more competitive in the marketplace. As their average conversion rate increases, they’ll generate more income for themselves. But apart from these, LeadPages is also giving a full commission to the designers for the sale of their templates.


Unfortunately, the program has been closed. What were the requirements to get in on this program? In order to join, you needed to have a LeadPages Pro Annual membership before midnight of March 28 and be willing to provide feedback, conversion statistics and testimonials to the developers. Start your very own LeadPages account here and grab the next early adopter offer!

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