Top Lessons You Can Learn From Other LeadPages Users

LeadPages’ marketplace generates over 30,000 landing pages from top developers around the world. Here’s a brief look into what these high-performing landing pages are and what their developers have done right.



Use of numbers in the headlines – Adding numbers to headlines has been known to increase conversions.
Building a community – Instead of simply enjoining users to get into a mailing list, successful templates acknowledge the need of people to join a community.
Using “my” instead of “you” – Utilize the first person perspective in writing copy.
Add a call-to-action button in the right place – The best place to put this button is near your share buttons where most people look.
Display LeadBox in every page – The more prominent and ubiquitous the LeadBox is, the higher the probability of people opting in to your list.
Effective storytelling – A compelling narrative, along with a great headline, can hook your audience just as effectively as using other techniques like tweaking your template layout.
Use of a video background page – Videos immediately capture the attention of an audience because they engage both sight and sound. Used prior to a product or service launch, they can help generate buzz and excitement.
Free downloads – Sweeten the deal by adding extra value through freebies. If you’ve just launched your squeeze page, you can compel potential subscribers to be among the pioneers by offering giveaways.

Don’t forget your Sold Out Page – Scarcity compels consumers to take advantage of a special offer. If you use this effectively, do not forget to create a sold out page which will not only inform customers that the deal is closed but will also generate excitement for your next offering.




Use a countdown timer – With the clock ticking, customers become giddy about the product launch — hence the increase in conversion.




Notify customers of next product offer – Take advantage of your sold-out page and make it double as a tool for reaching out to potential customers.




Be upfront about what you bring to the table – One effective use of headlines entails telling your potential clients succinctly what they will get for opting in.




Leverage social proof – If you’ve managed to generate buzz from different media outlets, use these to your full advantage by placing them on your landing page.

In order to be successful, you do not have to fully reinvent the wheel. Take your cue from some of the successful users of LeadPages and duplicate what they did right. If you don’t have LeadPages yet, click here.

The LeadPages Marketplace – A Case For Early Adoption

It almost always pays to be an early adopter. Take the case of LeadPages.

During the company’s infancy, LeadPages offered an early adopter program which allowed customers to be locked onto the LeadPages Annual Standard at $147 per year. A few years and several updates and features later, these initial customers are still paying that same amount while new customers have to pay $297. The company also had an early adopter program for its LeadPages standard where those initial customers have been locked on for a monthly fee of $17 per month while new customers have to pay $37 per month.


What’s the catch, you might ask? You’re locked into the same fee, no matter what new features or upgrades are added so long as you maintain an account. Pretty nifty, right?

LeadPages rationalizes this move as a measure expressing immense gratitude for customers who have believed in the company’s vision. Just recently, the company offered another early adopter program for the LeadPages Marketplace. What’s the LeadPages Marketplace?


LeadPages has been envisioned as The Marketplace where customers can choose and buy the best website templates from the best designers around the world. While aesthetics is a considerable factor in selecting a template, the marketplace differentiates itself by allowing customers to browse through templates based on their conversion ratings. Simply put, this eliminates the guesswork and the needless investment in time, money and effort in finding the template that works best to suit your individual needs because you’ll instantly find the templates that deliver the best results. After purchase, you can instantly download these templates and customise these for your website.


What are the benefits of the early adopter program for the marketplace? For one, you do not have to pay any additional fee to purchase additional templates available on the marketplace as long as you retain your early adopter account.

Web designers can also benefit from the program because it allows them to instantly get feedback from customers as well as use the results gleaned from the client websites as a tool to tweak their design and become more competitive in the marketplace. As their average conversion rate increases, they’ll generate more income for themselves. But apart from these, LeadPages is also giving a full commission to the designers for the sale of their templates.


Unfortunately, the program has been closed. What were the requirements to get in on this program? In order to join, you needed to have a LeadPages Pro Annual membership before midnight of March 28 and be willing to provide feedback, conversion statistics and testimonials to the developers. Start your very own LeadPages account here and grab the next early adopter offer!

How To Keep Your Emails Out Of The Spam Box: Tips From The Ontraport Team

For the younger generation, email may be almost as old as the Internet, and may not be as hip or sophisticated as the newer online messaging platforms out there. But seasoned marketers and smart business owners know that email is still a vital channel for businesses looking for wider reach and stronger customer engagement today. In other words, email still works very effectively – studies show it still rules as a method of delivering your brand message to your target audience.


Despite it’s being around for some time now, there are still a lot of myths and misconceptions about email. Businesses should make the effort to re-examine what they assume about email and test whether their long-held beliefs still hold true. Ontraport, the preferred business automation platform of small business owners and entrepreneurs, collated the following recent numbers about email: About 77 percent of people say that for “permission-based promotional messages,” email is their preferred channel (ExactTarget) while email marketing generates a return on investment of $40 for every dollar (Direct Marketing Association).

One of Ontraport’s main features is their industry-leading email delivery system, and based on their experience of “sending 1 billion emails on behalf of our clients,” they share a few essential tips on effective email marketing:

1. Effective email marketing follows the principles of the two-way dialogue. The Ontraport team noticed that the most successful email marketers think of emailing as a value exchange. The business provides readers something of value, specifically content that may be helpful or might be of interest to them. In return, the reader gives them their valuable time.


Structuring emails and their delivery as a two-way conversation helps you come up with the right content (tips, stories, updates, special offers and more) and the appropriate tone and style for your message. This approach helps you to avoid sounding too hype-y or sales-oriented, and to come up with warm, welcoming and compelling messages that generate the most opens and favorable response.

2. The right subject lines create trust and credibility. Subject lines influence the impression you give to your potential reader. If it’s too boring or too generic or too obviously self-centered, the email won’t be opened even if it contains the best content of all. As readers grow more familiar with the Internet, the more they have become informed and discriminating. They can smell deception several feet away. Make sure your subject lines are authentic, personal and transparent to establish trust while piquing the readers’ interest. Ontraport delivers the following essential U’s of effective subject lines: usefulness, urgency, uniqueness and ultra-specificity.


3. Let testing be your guide. The automation solutions team says: Split-test everything. Thanks to Ontraport A/B split testing tools and features, you can do all the testing you want though a fast, easy and efficient process. You’ll be able to determine essentials such as the right time and day to send emails, which subject lines work, what email template to use, etc. The tests prevent you from making blind guesses and push you to make facts-based decisions that produce results.


4. Segmentation leads to more engagement. When content looks created just for you, you’ll more likely be interested in what it’s trying to say. By using Ontraport tools and features that analyze, segment and categorize client data, businesses can tailor-fit their content according to the profile, needs and preferences of each contact on their list.


5. The thank you page can increase the value of your opt-in process. Every page can be used for creating or strengthening customer engagement, if you use the right approach. To make sure the thank you page effectively reflects your gratitude and appreciation and becomes a bridge for more future communications, Ontraport believes that you should: personalize your thank you by placing the recipient’s name on the page; thank them specifically for signing up; provide them a preview and a brief orientation of the content they have signed up for; add social sharing buttons; and make a request for them to add you in their address book.


Get more helpful tips and start using Ontraport for your business by visiting this link.

Design Your Site With Ease With Genesis Theme Framework

Having a website may seem fun and rewarding, especially if you are a blogger or an online business owner who uses WordPress.   But as many people put it, web designing is not easy because it involves a lot of technicalities.  So what happens is some of these website owners hire a web design expert while some try to do the ‘technical’ task for long hours, robbing them off precious time to work on other more important things.
Fortunately, designing a website is not as hard, time consuming and as expensive as it once was.  Thanks to the Genesis Theme Framework.
Genesis Theme Framework
Genesis Theme Framework provides WordPress users the ease to design their websites.  Aside from no longer having to deal with the programming script, html or other technical words, you will also enjoy these features:
Navigation – It would be easy for your web visitors to navigate throughout your site. You can decide how it looks like and how it works as well.  Of course if you need to change how it looks like, you can do so.
Designs – There are plenty of design templates with clean layouts to choose from.  In fact, there are over 40 child themes that you can benefit from.  All you have to do is select the design that you want and that’s it! You no longer have to spend precious hours trying to understand it.  Switch or change the designs if you wish.
SEO – For online marketers, they would benefit a lot from this since it is already optimized for search engines.  It can easily be connected to social media accounts.  You no longer have to worry about upgrading it since it is automatically done.  Plus there are more plugins.
Featured Post Widgets – Depending on the type of theme you chose, some would have this.  You might find it useful since it updates your clients on the most recent post you have, your latest tweets as well as other news.
To get started on your designing your website with ease, head over to this review and learn more about the Genesis Theme Framework.

How To Set Up An Efficient Content Publishing System With OptimizePress

If you want to be a market leader in your niche today, you need to ensure that you have a high-performing content strategy in place. This strategy should not only focus on generating valuable content. Recent changes in the marketplace also demand that the content you make will be published, distributed and promoted in the most carefully planned and deliberate system possible, in the goal of nurturing a consistent and engaging presence for your brand online.


Doing so takes meticulous planning and scheduling, especially if you have chosen to run a membership site. You want to maintain an active presence, but you also want balance in your visibility to avoid overexposure and hyper-marketing. A smart way to do this is to use the drip/delay content functionality from OptimizePress.

Dripping content, also called “drip feeding,” refers to the gradual, pre-scheduled release of website content to your members or subscribers. The OptimizePress full drip/delay content functionality is applicable only for content and pages that are protected at Bronze – Level 1 and above. Content protected at Level 0 or free subscriber level will not be able to utilize this functionality.

Setting up drip/delay in LiveEditor
1. Go to LiveEditor > Membership Settings > Membership Page Restrictions.

2. Under Page Level Restriction, select “Require Bronze Member (or higher)” from the drop down menu.

3. Under Require Product Packages, define the preferred membership levels and packages if you wish to protect content with packages.

4. Under Content dripping, go to “Delay content for _ days“ and fill up your preferred number of days in the box provided.


Setting up drip/delay in WordPress Page Editor
1. Go to the OptimizeMember settings on the sidebar.
2. Under “Page Level Restrictions?” select “Require Silver Member (or higher)” from dropdown menu.


The drip content countdown starts from the date a member registers for your site or membership. Higher level members will have access to content intended for lower levels, unless you have customized package capabilities. The most suitable use for drip content is for delivering individual training courses on site.

Program your content exactly the way you want it to reach your subscribers. Be more efficient in your system and be a more effective content publisher with the drip content functionality from OptimizePress. If you want to get OptimizePress right now, just click here.